Advance payment options


IPP (Installment Payment Plan)

Integrate with IPP option

IPP payment option helps merchant to promote sales in their website especially for big ticket size items. Typically consumer electronics, travel packages and insurance is used for installment payments.

Card payments using the installment option will create a specific authorization with card issuer system and the transaction will be converted to an installment payment.

For cardholder the total amount is split into monthly payments of up to 12 months. The Merchant does receive transaction amount as one-time payment from 2C2P after the transaction is made.

Installment Payment Plan option list
Installment Payment Plan options could be viewed from my2C2P dashboard under 'IPP Plans' or retrieved via Payment Action API.
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RPP (Recurring Payment Plan)

Integrate with RPP option

RPP payment option allows merchant to charge customer in a specific interval or date without having to ask customer to re-enter their credit card information with RPP option.

Recurring payments are generated with normal payment request with additional indicator and additional recurring information. Recurring transaction will be processed by 2C2P backend system which doesn't require merchant or card holder intervention.

Merchant could modify recurring information such as the interval or date and the amount of the next recurring transaction via Payment Action API.

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