How it works


2C2P SecurePay API allows merchant to be integrated seamlessly to 2C2P Payment Gateway. Merchant could provide the best payment experience to the customer without requiring to go through complex and demanding requirement of PCIDSS and other compliances.

Key Benefits of SecurePay API:
  • 1. Seamless integration.
  • 2. Custom UI and best customer payment experience.
  • 3. Very secure.
  • 4. Don't require PCIDSS certification to process credit card from Merchant's site.


SecurePay API

 1. Card holder enter card information on merchant's payment page.
 2. Merchant send payment request to 2C2P PGW
 3. 2C2P PGW perform 3DS authentication and then authorization with acquiring bank
 4. Acquiring bank return payment result
 5. 2C2P PGW return payment result to merchant
 6. Merchant display payment result to customer
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